Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Annual Open House decision...

We have been agonizing about Open House plans, trying to watch what Covid is doing.  Do we want lots of people in our house, do we ask for masks, do we serve wine and food.  What if we spend all the money to host and we shut down at the last moment, how long can we wait to decide...  SO we made a decision.  The easiest is to have a 2nd year in our Backyard.   More manageable if Covid gets worse.  We can decide at the last moment about refreshments.  So save these dates!  Bring your friends...

Annual Open our Backyard!
Wednesday, Oct. 7th through Saturday, Oct. 16

Daily from 10am to 4pm
Closed if raining!
This gives you 10 days to pick from. 

I am working now on new original paintings and there will be a wonderful new selection in various sizes and prices. I will have a new mini Holiday print!  And a big selection of prints as usual.  Invites are at the printer now but you can get this on your calendar!

psst... if you are thinking about an original painting the best selection is the first few days!

The new originals will be posted on my website on October 1st however NO sales will be made until October 7th at 10am but you can get your wish list ready!

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