Wednesday, July 21, 2021

July Backyard open this weekend

I just realized how long it has been since I was able to blog...  8 days.  So here is a recap.  We had the RV out for 5 days last week.  Had my 2nd show of the year.  Normally I would have attended 15 shows.  Wow, let that sink in.  While Winterthur weather was brutal it was a pretty good show for me. Home to laundry and unpacking the van.  Lots of framing for this weekends Backyard Show.  Meanwhile Linda bought a used set of beautiful kitchen cabinets that took 5 of us and a huge trailer to pick up.  But before we could get them we had to clean out our garage. I think I am being played, cleaning the garage has been on Linda's list all year and I have tried to avoid it.   Suddenly I own cabinets that must be stored there.   I mean totally empty to make temporary room.  Are you seeing how this is going?  This undertaking took a whole day.   Our kitchen remodel was not even on the list for this year but I am guessing there is a change in priority!  In the 8 days we were away Linda's flower beds became a mess, according to her and needed hours of work.  She has been going out each morning at 6:30am to beat the heat.   I am finishing a larger painting that I want to frame tomorrow.  And tomorrow is backyard set up, that's an all day affair.  

July 23-25  held at our studio at 4 N Spruce Street, Lititz PA
Open to everyone, from 10am to 4pm  daily      FREE!  
If it is raining we will be closed, there is no way to keep my paintings
dry with this set up.  You can always call to confirm.
2 tents filled with original watercolors and prints.
I will be painting so bring a friend and stop in.

July 23-25:   BACKYARD SHOW at the studio
                                  4 N. Spruce St. Lititz, PA  
Open 10-4     Closed if raining!   FREE

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