Monday, June 28, 2021

2021 Catskill #1

mini original watercolor  $

This beautiful lake is the North-South Lake
in Hunter, NY.  A one mile hike (walk!) from Kaaterskill Falls.  It feels like you could just slip a canoe into it!

A year sitting at home during Covid forced me to paint more landscapes.  Without my usual traveling and sightseeing I spent more time studying our land.  I have been really concentrating on improving my skies, experimenting with washes and texture and color values.  This is actually quite hard, with watercolor you save the negative space, that means painting the blue around the white clouds.  In other mediums you can add puffy white clouds on top of the blue.   With my latest paintings I am using the sky as a focal point.  1/3 landscape with the silo and trees pointing you up to the sky which covers 2/3 of the paper.  This painting has a bit of cloud drama with the feeling of being overcast.  Meanwhile the foreground stands on its own.  Beautiful yellow across the field sweeps you in.  

"Cool Front"   Framed 19x19    $1500.

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