Wednesday, May 26, 2021

2021 Landscape #21


mini original watercolor  $225.

This on is from Adelaide Road in North Connellsville, PA
I just like the view;  the rolling hills with mow marks and the tree line.

Question of the Day: Do you use photos for reference?

Yes I do.  I travel a lot and often fill my time with heavy sight seeing.  That does not allow time to sit out and paint whatever catches my eye.  In the old days I had a good camera and printed my photos.  I still have shoe boxes full of photos that I can't seem to throw away!

With my next camera I could download onto my computer and the print out what I wanted to use.  Now I simply use my Iphone.  I do not even print photos anymore.  I am not a photographer, waiting for the perfect shot, I am a point and shoot guy.  After all its for reference.  My photos are less then great!  I am a realist painter, that means I am interpreting what I see.  So I am not making things up.  I try to tell you where I saw what I painted.   I also do not do "Plein Air Painting" which means sitting out and painting the view in front of you.  My style does not lend itself to painting outside, plus I am not keen on bugs!  The only time I painted Plein Air was when we took a cruise.  I painted a very small mini every day while on ship.  I also paint outside at my shows, just using my photos for reference.   I do not use any free photo sites off the computer.  I prefer my own photos although I do accept clients photos as long as they personally took the photo and I usually give that person credit.

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