Monday, May 10, 2021

2021 Landscape #16

SOLD!  $145 (unframed) 5x5” original watercolor

Available to the 1st person to email
(framing $35 - shipping available at cost)
If unsold by 5/12 the price goes to $250.

I am having a good time painting Lancaster County landscapes.  It is great practice and my sky is getting better, plus the light on this barn is really good!

Thank you to all who came out for my Backyard show this past weekend.  The weather was less than pleasant but I still managed to get most of the weekend in.  It was nice to see clients and friends.

I have my first show in 13 months!  
Saturday, May 15th  you can find me outside at:
Heart of Lancaster Spring Show 
held at Roots Market at 705 Greystone Rd, Manheim, PA
Booth #22 *  Rain or Shine! * FREE admission

Question of the Day: What is your work day like?
I am a very disciplined artist.  Painting is both a passion and my job.  I paint all day most days.  But there are days that other things must get done.  My day  today (Monday) went like this...
Up at 5:30am.  A little alone time till Linda gets up!
I start with my devotions.  Next I do some exercises: I stretch,
core exercises, sit ups etc.  I need to keep this older body tuned!  I still do a lot of lifting with my shows.  Then I walk around the house picking up my junk before Linda finds it!  I tend to be a little messy.   I make coffee and have breakfast.

Now at this point if there is no house stuff to do I start painting right away however today was busy...
At 8am I went outside and packed up the tent and panels and all the supplies needed over the weekend.  Organized things for this weekends show.  We went to the grocery store together and  I was painting by noon.  I painted this blog and next I worked on my commission painting till 5pm.  We have dinner together, I did dishes and then my bike ride.  I try to ride every day, it clears my head!  Back in the house by 8pm and back to painting again until about 10pm.   Then bed.  I am asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow!  I rarely have a day without 4 to 10 hours of painting. 

But remember this is a team effort, I just need to paint!
Meanwhile Linda is up between 7 and 8am, drinks the coffee I made and heads right to her desk.  Very very disciplined! I have no idea what she does there...
here is what I was told.  She entered all the sales from the weekend.  Balanced the charges and got a deposit together. Updated the data base of clients.  She has these sheets she designed years ago and fills out for each show with the tent layout/paintings hung, sales per day, Number of clients/ what sold... anything I ever need to know!  that was filled in.  Made a list of prints that need framed tomorrow and a list to pack for the next show.  She updated the website for sold paintings and the schedule. She got a painting ready to frame and another ready to box.  Then put on her wife hat and made a menu for the week and a grocery list... off to the store.  Home to prep dinner (meatloaf, mashed potatoes and fresh red beets - I eat well!)  then back to her desk.  Balanced our accounts, paid a few bills, answered a ton of emails.  Made dinner.  Then out in the garden to pull weeds. Back at her desk to get things organized for tomorrow.   Bed at midnight, asleep at who knows when... she's not a great sleeper!
This is the life of a blessed artist and his helper!

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Maureen said...

Love this blog, wish I could order a painting. We are in Montreal and my daughter ordered a lovely print, she is just so pleased with it, only for me! The price of delivery is prohibitive, it’s the duty and all that extra stuff. Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy your blog and hope you keep fit and safe so we can enjoy your blog for many more years.
Found you on u tube. Loved the tour of your home and studio, just so charming.