Wednesday, May 5, 2021

2021 Landscape #15

 6x4” original watercolor   $250.

Important Info: 
My emails are landing in YOUR Trash or Spam folder! Here are instructions on how to fix it.  I cannot fix it on my end.   Every now and then check if I sent you something!!

Commission update:
#1 is finished and ready to be shipped. 
I think this is my first squirrel...My client rescued him and then returned him back into the wild.

#2 is drawn and approved!  I can start painting. and will share later.
#3 is almost drawn and then I wait for approval
#4...not even started!
Question of the Day:  Do you do custom (commission) paintings?
YES!   Here's how it works.

1) First go to my website , go under Originals and see a general idea of size and cost. Size is the size of the frame, and it comes to you framed either in walnut or black wood with conservation matting.  Unless you plan to invest in special framing at a frame shop.  But it only saves a tiny bit on my end!

Decide on a budget range.  Originals become an investment!  Price depends  on how much work is involved, a home that I need to paint every brick is a bit more then a home where I paint lines for siding!   I do not ask for anything down, you ok the painting as I go along so I know you are happy and pay when it is finished.

2) You supply the photos and talk to me about what means the most to you so I can understand your thoughts.  I do commissions as a partnership with you.  My goal is to make your vision come to life.  What you want in, what to leave out, what to focus on.  Time of year, time of day...  If you are super interested I send emails often so you can actually watch the progress and you may always come to the studio and watch me paint!

3) I sketch it (free hand) so I get the feel of it, we chat, you ok the sketch 

4) I hand draw on the watercolor paper, you ok the drawing... here is where we make any changes, once I start painting, watercolor stains the paper and you cannot change anything!

Then it is a slow build of washes of color, layering to get the affect I need.

5) you get to title it!

That’s about it.  The biggest thing is your budget and your vision!  I am happy to chat with you about your special painting.

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