Monday, April 19, 2021

New 15x15 Original

 I am trying to get some larger new work ready for this years show season. 

Untitled... Framed 15x15"
I am stretching myself a bit by focusing on a bigger sky...  Thank you Carol for another great photo to work from.  Mt. Pleasant School in Bellevue State Park, DE

 Lots of show are already cancelled  for this year so I am going to open our back yard once a month from May to August.  Here is my May schedule.

May 7-9:      My BACKYARD SHOW at the studio... 
                    I am moving the studio into the back yard for an informal weekend.
                    I will be painting, come visit and check out the paintings and prints.
                   Join over the weekend from 10 to 4.  Closed if raining!

May 15:       Heart of Lancaster Spring show.  Held at Roots Market (outside)
                    Manheim, PA  Rain or Shine   FREE admission
Question of the day:  Is it hard to part with your paintings?
In my early years I did not know if I COULD paint another good painting.  I was learning watercolors and each painting was a bit of a struggle so it was harder selling them.   Now I KNOW I can paint another great painting!  Also, I was so fortunate to develop a wonderful group of collectors, many I got to know well, so I knew my paintings were going into homes that were going to cherish them.  Plus when you are painting for a living you MUST part with them or starve!  I try to live with them for a bit before putting them out for sale.  Every now and then there is one I am more attached to and I put a really high price on it and hang it in my house for a while, then I come to my senses!

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