Sunday, April 25, 2021

2021 Still Life #13


4X6" original watercolor   $250

For my own sanity I needed to switch from a farm to a still life.  Just for some variety!  I can find subjects anywhere, this came from the mantle in our friends the Hildebrand's house.

Question of the Day:  Why do you do street shows instead of galleries?
Not an easy answer.   In the very beginning I did not think I was a good enough artist to compete in galleries so shows were the way to go.   
I did have a gallery in Richmond VA back in the late 80's but it was not a pleasant experience and I realized it just was not for me.  Part of a gallery appeal is having a buffer between you and clients, having someone to manage you, you paint and drop off the paintings.   I have Linda to manage my work and I like meeting new people. My clients are mine while a gallery has its own client base not shared with the artist. Since it is my only income I like the possibility of earning money every weekend instead of maybe getting a quarterly check from a gallery who is trying to sell multiple artists.  Galleries have been hit hard over the years between the  use of the internet and now Covid.  I like not having to rely on someone else for my income  The down side is how hard it is.  Packing and unpacking, sitting outside for long hours.  Constant traveling.   All the work now falls on you not a gallery.  But looking back I think it was the best decision for me,  I wouldn't change a thing!