Wednesday, March 10, 2021

On task...

I said I needed to stay focused today and I did but there was no painting time.   I was in line at the Park City Bon Ton by 7:45am.  Lots of waiting in line.  I finally got my Covid shot  (Pfizer)  and was back at the car at 9:30.  This was the soft roll out and other than standing a lot, it went smoothly.   Just took really long - 1.5 hours.  No place to sit if you have issues standing.  Hopefully they get the kinks out.  I made the local news!  That's me in the tan jacket.  


I must admit we were not too thrilled to get the shot, we were planning to wait for the J&J.   Let them work out a few more issues so we did not feel like an experiment.   We usually do not get any shots (flu, pneumonia, shingles)  just not big on it all.  But our sweet but insistent daughter did a signup facetime and cornered Linda... so, here we are.  Signed up and scheduled.  Linda gets hers on Saturday at a Wyndham hotel on the Lincoln Highway...    OK      I am glad I did it.

Anyway, back to my day:  Next stop was Panera for breakfast, then UPS,  then home and finished cleaning the old popup.  It is finished and ready to put up for sale.  Next on the list was 2:00 lunch and ice cream to start grandpas birthday celebrations.  He will be 87 yrs old.  Back home and now I needed a bike ride!  22 miles.  It was too beautiful not to go out.   I may sketch something...

Note:  I am not even black and blue (yet)  and just a tiny bit sore but nothing to speak of (especially if I rode bike!)  

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Anni said...

Hi Andy,
It's good that u have got vaccinated. It was nice reading about how your day went by. Wish u all the good.