Monday, March 1, 2021


I spent the weekend finishing a house commission that I had been working on for several weeks.  Framed 24x18"  This is a family home near Cherry Springs, PA (where the best star gazing can be found!).

I really try to make my commissions a partnership.  I bring to life my clients vision and my style into a wonderful watercolor painting.  This client was able to come to the studio and watch me paint, making the whole experience even more personal.  I am happy to help you with a painting... contact me!

Thoughts:   I was distracted today so I did not get my mini painting finished. Over the weekend we upgraded our popup camper to a Jayco expandable. With Covid the idea of campground bathrooms and showers did not appeal to either of us!  I have been looking hard for over a year for just the right model in our price range and had 5 we were starting to make plans to see.  We took this one right away and when I looked, 3 of the others sold on Sunday.  So Spring is coming cause campers are selling fast.    I bought it in DE so today we went to AAA to sign the title and pay the state their portion only to find you now need an appointment... so that is scheduled for Wednesday.  Then the phone calls... Called a ton of places looking for a reasonable parking lot to store it.  Prices all over the place. Finally at 5PM I found one.  Called several RV Services looking to schedule a good going over to make sure all the parts are working well.   Several were booked far ahead, a few were simply not pleasant, one tried to sell me a new one.  Finally settled on Shady Maple RV and not till 3/31!  Called my insurance company, that was the only easy call.  Then called and ordered a pizza for dinner!