Thursday, February 11, 2021

2021 Still Life #4

6X4" miniature original watercolor - A Painting A Day  $225.

I still have some pears hanging around so I put together another still life.  This time I grabbed a small green bottle and this lavender thing... ok I have been informed it is a lavender wand, handmade by our extra creative friend Lynne!  I just liked the color!  

This is it till Sunday night, I need to spend a few focused days on my commission.

Thoughts:  We have several big show decisions to make and it is hard. Trying to balance the desire to get back to normal and the need to earn a living with being realistic.   We need to consider travel, hotels and restaurants.  At the show there are the crowds of people (who have been careful??) and the need of porta johns!  That is a big one!  Then consider sitting all day outside in the heat with a mask on...   Linda says if she cannot travel she should not be showing!!   ha ha,  the not traveling is finally getting to her.   SO, we made decisions, today we cancelled two of my big shows:  Penn State Show in July, I am sorry but the thought of thousands of college students at my booth....  need I say more about this one???  We also cancelled Waterford, VA.   we stay with a host family and that just does not seem smart this year and hotels are far away.  Also not going to my  favorite Shaker show in KY.  So basically we are going with only shows close to home for this year.  We will do a few of our own shows in our back yard, to be scheduled as soon as the snow leaves us!!  

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