Thursday, October 29, 2020

Don't wait...

Linda was checking out our prints and I have 7 prints that have less than 20 left in the edition! Do you know how this works? Each year Linda watches what I paint and only chooses 1-3 paintings to be printed,.  All the other original paintings are sold as originals.  I declare and print an amount, I still do it the old fashion way and print the whole edition at one time. In the old days I printed 450 prints. Then I dropped to 200 and lately only 50. Once that printed amount are sold the edition is SOLD OUT! You can only get one from the secondary market at a higher price.

If any of these are on your wish list do not wait... go to my website and place your order or send me an email.

"SPRING" only 4   2    1 left!

"WARM SUNSHINE" only 20 left!

"SIMPLE PLEASURES" only 17 left!

"BELLISSIMO" only 14  13 left!

NEW "FALL" only  19 10   9  left!

"FOLLOW THE LEADER" only 9  8 left!

"GARDEN CLUB" only 2 left!

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