Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Check in...

In todays mail was a letter and refund check from a show in Chestertown MD.  They just cancelled for May 2021.  Hummm  its going to be another rocky year I am afraid.

 I did not have any time to paint today.  It was one of those days.  My cell phone was not letting me call out or receive calls.  I started my day at ATT where I bought it... they sent me to the Apple Store.  I was there for hours.  Bottom line, I needed to replace my 3 year old phone.  That was not in the budget!

Meanwhile at home the framing of two new commissioned painting was going on.  Here they are.

And this was done earlier as a retirement gift, all the objects had a very special meaning.  This painting was a huge challenge because it was totally out of my usual sweet spot.  I had to figure out how to place in all the objects inside the state of PA and make it look like a painting...

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