Monday, June 22, 2020


Weekend update: Friday I replaced our old tandem with a newer tandem which required switching parts and tweaking the fit. I have our tandem for sale (on Facebook Marketplace) if you happen to be thinking about it.  Excellent bike, well cared for!

We had a social distance dinner on the patio with friends, The Hildebrands. Linda made this fabulous dessert; Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse Cups. BEST ever desert! My client received his birthday commission and hung it immediately, he is very happy which is always a relief. Saturday we met friends (The Hildebrands again) at the Mount Gretna Trail and road bikes for 11 miles. Came back to the house for soup and fancy grilled cheese. Apricot jam with bacon and sharp cheese! Sunday we had another social distance dinner with other friends, The Woodruffs. Feeling a tiny bit normal.

Art update: A HUGE shout out THANK YOU to Ryan for filming my video for Penn State Virtual Show. It posts in July.   I could NOT have done that myself.  I will be able to share a copy later.

Another show cancelled. Waterford, VA in October. I know many people think we should just open up and get back to normal but there is a lot to think about. Many states still have a 250 people outside limit. Yes I know, that is not being observed however I am observing it... and that number covers just the exhibitors. From my end I have traveling. That means meals out, hotels, porta johns (ewww)  and then the contact with unknown people. And we are wearing a mask all day in the heat. Do I wipe things off every time someone touches my shrink wrapped prints? Do I let people take business cards. And if someone gets sick and it is traced back to the show there are huge questions about liability... It is just not easy.
I am going to have my own hard decisions when looking at my Annual Open House in November. The new rules say no food (buffet table with hors d'oeuvres) and no served drinks. Limit the number of people in the house at a time... what??? make you stand on the sidewalk (6' apart) until someone leaves?? Timed entry?? Who is going to do that. It ruins the whole social atmosphere. I could bump it up and hold it under tents in the back yard... but weather??? And if I skip it for this year I lose the income that gets me through winter... These are issues every artist is facing. For now I have enough commissions lined up to hold me through Fall and I am THANKFUL. If you have something special in mind for that special memory contact me and get in the Q!   And meanwhile check out the available Original Paintings and Prints on my website, there is something there just for you. Here is a sample

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