Friday, May 15, 2020

More water mini's and the start of my commission

I will start with the mini original watercolor I am offering for sale today...

Sunrise             Framed 10x8             $200.

Image: 4 x 1 5/8  so this is small!  I actually painted this while on a cruise.
The price includes acid free framing, a coupon for 2 free shrink wrapped mini prints ($25 value) and I will throw in FREE SHIPPING!
Paintings are available to the first person to email or call 717.627.3383
All are framed in black wood frames however you may have them in walnut frames.
________________________________________________ onto my commission.  The scene is near Bar Harbor, MA.   I am trying another new paper, Legion Stonehenge Aqua  300lb cold press for all you painters out there.   By now if you follow my blog you know that no matter what I am painting I follow the same pattern.

Step 1
- study the subject, understand it.  Take it apart in your mind.  Do NOT start until you understand the subject.

Step 2 - I usually do a rough sketch in my sketchbook just to get the feel and an understanding of perspective.

NOTE:  when I am painting a commission I like to make the painting a collaboration between me and my client.  I usually use their photo (I will take my own if the subject is close to me)  We then talk about what they envision.  The client already is familiar with my style so they know what to expect.  I discuss what to leave in, leave out, what they see as the focal point.  I then email the drawing for changes/approval.  Once I start laying in color I cannot make changes.

Step 3 -  I hand draw on my watercolor paper.  Many artists use projectors or the computer for the drawing.  I love to draw, I am good at it and my personal opinion is that it makes the painting more of a painting and less stiff.  It helps me become very familiar with the piece. The drawing is my guide.

I sent the drawing to my client and she had me make two adjustments.  With a bit of erasing it was accomplished.  This is my final drawing.  Now I am ready to add paint.  My paper is basically in half, with the sky the top half and water in the bottom half.  I am starting with the sky.  I adjust my painting style by what the subject needs.  So for this sky I wet the paper with a thin wash of water, not over the clouds which I need to save.  I dropped my blue into the wet area and moved it around creating my sky.  If you are observant you will notice a bit of purple and a bit of yellow.  I recommend you go outside and pay attention to our fantastic sky!

I am going to stop with the sky and move down to the rocks.  Adding texture and shape.

More tomorrow.

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