Tuesday, May 12, 2020


My chair is finished!  Click on it to view it larger.  I love it!  Even more stunning in person.  Study the shadows! 

Untitled!     Framed 20x22     

Picking up from yesterday I am building the view out the window.  Darkening the grass, starting the road.

Sky is in.  Trees in the background.  Now I will go over the whole painting and just smooth it out,  softening any edges.

I have not priced it yet, whenever I finish a painting I know is strong my immediate reaction is that it is worth $$$$$!   I need to live with it a little, get distracted with a new painting and then I am able to be reasonable!  Pricing for an artist is really hard.  And after 40 years of painting you tend to think prices should be higher.  Linda always lectures new artists (and me!)  that the price is simply what your own market can bare.  You can put any price you want on a painting.  But what will it reasonably sell for?   Linda is very in tune with my market, she attempts to soothe my ego... and as a business person she has a price structure we use, and occasionally like with the covered bridge we go outside the structure   But if you are seriously interested...make me an offer!!

I am now ready to start my commission.  I will have a drawing tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Very clean lines, nice depth and vivid colors! Very satisfying to look at. Congrats!

Sarah Metzler said...

Hi Andy,
I LOVE this painting! There was a day a couple years after my mother passed away when I walked into my bedroom and the light was pouring in the window in such a way that I felt my mother's presence and a feeling that she was at peace and in a good place and all would be okay. A couple years ago I found that same feeling in one of your miniature paintings (#28). That painting is a way for me to always remember that moment and the message that it conveyed. For me, this new painting conveys this same message of the wonder and spirit of light and of life and of loved ones. Congratulations on this achievement! I'm sure you will have no problem selling it at the price you want.
Just wanted to share,