Monday, April 6, 2020

Traveling through paintings...

I have more "out of the US" paintings I want to offer... so travel with me...

SOLD!   France #1      framed 9x9        $225.
I have painted this view a few times because I use it as a demonstration for new students. Each painting is slightly different. It is a view of the Cher river from a window in the Chateau de Chenonceau.

Island #11   framed 8x10    $225.
A simple palm tree from one of the islands...cruising. I would like to be there right now...

      Iceland #3      framed 10x8        $225.
Yes, we have been to Iceland and you should add it to your bucket list. A totally different history than you find in Italy or France. It is all about the land and the land is stunning.

The price includes acid free framing, a coupon for 2 free shrink wrapped mini prints ($25 value)  and  FREE SHIPPING!
Paintings are available to the first person to
email or call 717.627.3383 

I am showing them in black wood frames however you may have them in walnut frames.
If you purchase more than one I will offer $20 off each one, including any previous postings.

Home update:
We purchased "masks".  the new normal for now.    Homemade in Lancaster by Cindy Grebinger - look at Keith Grebinger on Facebook or ask me for a contact
Hummm, and just like that it is socially acceptable to drive up to the bank with a mask...

I am thankful for the sunshine, Linda has been preoccupied with her garden leaving me free to... well, do anything I want!  Getting some great bike miles in, but also continuing to paint.  The closet clean has been started.  There was a box of old newspaper clippings I got to read and lots of old photos.  Linda re-organized that. The trash man is going to wonder what we are doing but I am thinking we are not the only house cleaning out.  I caught a glimpse of Linda's to do list...HELP!!

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