Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Still Life...

I am doing a still life theme today featuring two Original Watercolor miniature paintings...

Still Life #12  Framed 8x10   $225.

Still Life #15  Framed 9x9    $225.

The price includes acid free framing, a coupon for 2 free shrink wrapped mini prints ($25 value) and FREE SHIPPING!
Paintings are available to the first person to email or call 717.627.3383
All are framed in black wood frames however you may have them in walnut frames.
They look fantastic together, if you purchase more than one I will offer $20 off each one or any two previously posted.

As promised, I finished this gem...
Framed 14x18   $875.

A raku pottery that challenged my skills to get the iridescence.  I was not totally sure what was inside the pottery, looked like eggs??   Below for the art lovers is the process.

I am starting a covered bridge today...

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