Sunday, April 26, 2020


Finished!!   I think you can click over it to make it larger.
untitled        framed 17x21"            $1250.

I am so pleased with how this turned out.  There is so much to see, let your eyes wander.  Also a huge THANK YOU to Nancy B. for allowing me to use her photo.  Hope I made you proud.

Backing up to where I left off on Friday,  I added warmth to the front of the first house and painted in two of the flags.  There are three sources of light,  the full moon and porch lights are the obvious ones however there was something (unseen) in front of the house because of the shadows laying on the first house.

Another full day of painting...  now you can see the shadows.  I rubbed off the misket and started the trees.   Darkened the sky. 

 In terms of time spent, 4 full days/nights.  I often paint late into the night so my day is not a day!  I also do not normally count hours per painting.  It is done when its done, however long that may take.  While I would not have picked this to paint after I had the drawing finished I really got into it.  I love night/moon paintings but this one has something just a bit different about it. 
Title??  If you purchase it you may title it!!

I have been having issues with my watercolor paper.  I used Arches for years and something changed so I switched to Kilimanjaro which I loved...for years...until something changed. Both are 100% cotton.  Thinking outside the box are they spraying something on the cotton when it grows??    Both companies claim they have made no changes BUT something is different.  The paper does not accept my washes the same way.  SO I am on a new paper hunt.  Linda just ordered 7 different brands of 300lb cold press. Want to know about here.  I am starting a waterlily on Cansons Moulin du Roy.

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Kasg said...

This is beautiful! Outstanding job! Nancy takes great photos! I'm partial to this one, cause it is my house, with my flags, where I have lived over 27 years! Thank you