Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Covered Bridge Finished...

Finished... this first photo shows you the whole paper, sitting on my chair rail, drying.

Did you know watercolor paper takes overnight to dry. Even when you use a hairdryer to dry it actually only drys the surface. Paintings soften and settle in a day after you paint them.

OK, I am going to back up to where I left off in yesterdays post. I am working on the road in front of the bridge... softening the light and adding definition to the sides. Soften the light across the left wall, that one catches the moonlight. Also adding lines to inside the bridge floor. Slowly, layer after layer.

Below is the finished painting close up (I think you can click on it to make it larger) I softened the moon and added a glow around it. Toned down the light at the house. Finished the little sign at the back of the bridge. Simply, I spent several hours just going around softening the edges.

FINISHED! Untitled.... framed 21x17 $3000.

For me, there is a mixed emotion in finishing a painting. After over a week (like 80 hours) of steady painting, it's a huge relief. I am FINISHED. I tear off the tape that holds the paper to my board, leaving a crisp white border (hopefully paint did not bleed under!) and I just am thrilled, actually awed that I did it. Next comes this odd sense of loss. I am FINISHED...

Every artist travels through with their own internal struggles. Fears; of ability, of acceptance both of the work and of the artist as a person, of inspiration and motivation, selling and earning a living. Conflicts; of painting what you desire and actually being able to sell, measuring up to your own ideas and the ideas of others. Health; bouts of depression, a support system, a healthy work ethic. Being an artist is a bit different than a lot of other careers because you are actually creating something other people happily judge, something coming from your heart (soul) and your hands. It is deeply personal but at the same time you need the acceptance of others to like it.
I am extremely blessed.

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Peg Broadwater said...

Love this. Thank you for sharing not just the painting but the process.