Monday, March 9, 2020

Monday nonsence!

I have prints hanging for the month at Moravian Manor
in Lititz and on March 16 I will be painting at the Owls Nest.

This may be silly but I get these question things all the time on Facebook and never answer them.  But I though you may just want to know more than you already know about me!

40 odd things about me . . . 
. Do you put ketchup on a hot dog?  Yes but
     with mustard onions and relish!  Load it up!!
2. Choice of soda?  Root beer
3. Do you own a gun? NO, never
4. Can you swim? Yes
5. Hot dogs or burgers? Both!
6. Favorite type of food?  My wife's bolognese. 
    But I will eat almost anything
7. Do you believe in ghosts? No
8. What do you drink in the morning? Coffee
9. Can you do 100 push-ups?  YES!!  do some every morning
10. Favorite Season:    Summer, I LOVE the heat
11. Your favorite hobby? Riding my bicycle
12. Tattoos?  None  and no piercings
13. Do you wear glasses? Yes 
14. Do you have a phobia? not yet
15. Do you have a nickname? Linda calls me Smitty and
      my family calls me Butch
16. favorite adult beverages? Cognac or Jameson
17. Biggest downfall? a bit competitive on the bike
18. Rain or snow? Not too fond of either but I HATE snow days
19. Can you change a tire? But of course!
20. Favorite flower? Hibiscus
21. Can you drive a stick? Yes
22. Ever gone skydiving? No and don't plan to! 
23.  Watched someone give birth?  Yes, unbelievable experience
       our daughter was born at home with a Mid Wife
24. Favorite color? Yellow Ochre
25. Can you whistle? Yes
27. Where were you born? Coatesville, PA
28. Siblings? Yes, one  younger brother
      (I had a sister that passed away in her teens)
29. Have you ever smoked?  In my early 20's and
      I quit the day I met Linda
30.  Favorite Movie?    easy...leave the gun, keep the cannoli
       The Godfather!  Every life lesson can be learned from this
       great movie.
31. Last song you heard?  Miles Davis, Birth of the Cool
32. Broken bones?  None
33. How many TVs are in your house? 3
34. Worst pain?   when I thought I tore my meniscus 
35. Do you like to sing?  Yes
36. Are your parents still alive?  No
37. Do you like camping?  Yes
38. What do you binge watch?   Netflix - Just finished Hunters,
       now watching Merlin

39. Do you have pets?   3 adorable cats
Ever been in jail?   NO!

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