Monday, January 6, 2020

Several new mini paintings...

After a lot of friends and family get together's I am now concentrating on painting miniature paintings for my March Mini Show.   Here are my first 4 of the year.  They are framed in a black wood frame but you may choose walnut if you want.  They also look so much better when you see them.

2020 Landscape #1  8x10"  $225.      Winter!

2020 Still Life #1  8x10"  $225.  This is from an antique shop, to Linda's chagrin I include the price tags!

2020 Seascape #1  10x8"  $225.     I am working on better clouds... much harder than you can imagine, I save the white of the paper and paint the dark, an oil painter can just add the white to the top.  I struggle with getting puffy clouds, they tend to get pointy.  Yes, even after 40 years I still need to practice.

2020 Landscape #2 10x8"   $225.  This scene is near Chester Springs PA.  Love playing with shadows and night time light.

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