Tuesday, August 6, 2019

2019 Landscape #2

5x5” original watercolor $200
Just a little full moon study...

Weekend update...
To give you an idea of how I spend a weekend...we left home on Thursday morning at 7AM headed to Kentucky.   We take the Cumberland Gap route stopping every 2 hours to stretch. Lunch at Muriale's Italian Kitchen in Fairmont WV.  Excellent food, in fact we ordered take out for the next nights dinner.  One more stop for ice cream at Crank & Bloom in Lexington KY.  Ok ice cream but not overly exciting.  We arrived in Wilmore KY at 7PM. Long drive!  The bed felt good.  Friday morning we went out to the Shaker Village for set up.
Our space is out in the sun and it was hot.  We finished at 1:00.  Linda has had The Abbey of Gethsemani on her list to visit so we decided to check it out. It was an hour drive.  I think her thoughts were Abbeys in Europe since it was founded in 1848 but it has been rebuilt in a very modern style.  There was little to see and too hot to walk the grounds which would be beautiful in fall but not in August!  We did watch an interesting film on the Monks daily life and bought their fudge and a piece of their fruitcake made on the grounds.

It just so happens that Makers Mark Bourbon was close by and the bottle we dipped ourselves 20 years ago was long gone so we decided to check it out.  The grounds have been spruced up and to dip your own bottle is a bit more updated.
Here I am with my bottle, gloves, apron, arm sleeves and googles...must be safe you know!

I am dipping my bottle in the signature red wax...

and its finished.
Back in the suburban for an hour drive back, left over dinner and early to bed.  Saturday we are out at the show by 8:30am till 6pm exhibiting in the heat all day.  These temps are wearing Linda out!  Repeat on Sunday only adding pack up to the evening.  Monday we socialized at breakfast with the other B&B guests and hit the road at 10am for the very long drive home.  Arriving back in Lititz at 9pm.  Today I emptied the van, cut two cases of glass and went to the market.  The above painting was half finished and I scrambled to get it done.  It will not be a late night tonight!

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