Monday, June 24, 2019

2019 Oregon #1

6x4” original watercolor    $225

The view from Portland to Bend.  Our first look at a snow covered mountain.  The painting is even better and brighter than it photographed!

Oregon Trip
After a year of planning with our friends Kathy and Bruce Woodruff the four of us were off for 11 days in Oregon.  Our first time in this state. The main reason was to visit Rashetta with a lot of sightseeing squeezed in.

Day 1:   We flew into Portland arriving at 9am and our first stop was Petite Provence to meet Rashetta and have breakfast. 

The croissants were wonderful!  

Next we were on our way to Bend.  A perfect backdrop of beautiful blue skies with several snow capped mountains and pine trees.

Our home for a few nights was The Mill Inn in Bend, great location with nice rooms.  Next on the agenda was an excellent dinner at the Pine Tavern and we called it an early evening.

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