Monday, April 8, 2019

To our friend Lance...

I am dedicating today's blog to our friend Lance Couturier who passed away last week.  We knew him originally through our children, his son Greg was often at our house looking for Linda's homemade chocolate milk and without Graham I don't think Abbey would have passed college French!  Both sons were with us in France for Abbey's wedding. Through the years we have attended meetings and parties together.  I was just at his 70th birthday celebration.  Lance had been attending my watercolor classes for years, although I suspect he came just for the camaraderie of other painters, the chitchat and coffee.   I never really taught him very much, he was already very accomplished!  It drove Linda crazy that Lance painted the same painting two times, often at the same time and often on the the same board. Linda and Lance had many conversations on what drove him to paint his subject twice and I don't think either one ever figured it out.  I could always tell where he sat at the table, he had splashes of paint all over the place.  I loved his dry humor.  He entertained and held interesting conversations and enriched my class.  The other students will miss him greatly.
His obituary is overwhelming... what a man, what accomplishments.   I am proud to have spent time with him. 
He will be so missed...
I am posting a few of his paintings.  He always painted large with a loose recognizable style.

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Vicky H Reinke said...

I never met Lance,but I am saddened that another bright light has left this world. I hope many will appear to continue in the pursuit of justice and peace for mankind.

Vicky H Reinke
Laurel, Maryland