Wednesday, April 3, 2019

2019 Still Life #6

4x6” original watercolor
$125 (unframed) to the first person to email
If unsold by 4/5 at 7pm price goes to $225

Not really a still life but not exactly a landscape.  I found the colors

interesting and liked the horseshoe on the door.

Linda had her 4 month check up and all is well.  She may be  overdoing
it a bit! 
  She is to remember she had three major  surgeries within one
year and it 
takes up to a year and a half for one knee to heal. She is
having  a few issues and we thought PT would help but the Doc 
waits a while for any PT,  her knee is still very raw inside, she will find that with her  normal routine she will be fine.   She spent 5 hours 
in the garden on Saturday  and could hardly move on Sunday.   I know,
I tell her all the time to slow down. But she is getting better slowly.

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