Monday, February 18, 2019

I’m back!

We just returned from a 14 day cruise... Linda sold it to me by explaining it did not matter if she recouperated on the sofa in the living room or a lounge chair on a ship.  Then dangled snow and cold with 80 degrees...I caved in!  It was not as easy as it sounded.  The ship (Norwegian Escape) was sold out with 4200 + people on board, making finding chairs impossible.  Lots of walking which was good for the new knees but kicked in extremely bad non stop muscle spasms.  So bad that she asked for a wheelchair to get off the ship, and if you know Linda...that puts it into perspective.  We did have a good time together and not sorry we went however we decided it was way to soon after surgery.

I took a travel painting set along and grabbed small scrap watercolor paper (not the perfect sizes Linda always has ready for me!).  I painted one miniature everyday painted from views from the boat. I have 14 Paintings.   I am NOT offering framing on any of them, you will have to do it yourself.   Here is a great little movie featuring all of them, they are much  better looking in person!  Pick your favorite and tomorrow’s blog will have more info about them and a chance purchase.

  This is only a tease!  Wait till tomorrow to purchase!


liza said...

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bob ragland said...

Better than postcards.