Monday, November 26, 2018

Special Monday Deal...

This painting is the last older Holiday painting I have left. I think Linda had it in her collection for a while and just put it back out for sale!  It is framed in a black frame at $250.

Take your time to really look at this painting, it is not as it appears at first glance.  There are lots of interesting angles.  The greens are not hung on the window but on an entrance. There is a door on the left inside the first room.   Entering under the greens you have the window, and maybe a painting on the left and wood trim on the right.  Yes, the greens are off center...

I just finished a fantastic commissioned painting which I cannot show you until after Christmas.  I was working round the clock for a week and needed to get it finished before Linda has her knee surgery and I am being a caregiver extraordinaire!  My plan is to TRY to get some Holiday paintings done but I am not sure that will happen this year.

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