Monday, November 12, 2018

Only 3 days till Open House!

To Linda's frustration, we loose Tuesday as a "getting ready" day because she is scheduled for her pre-op appointment in Philadelphia.  Pretty much shoots the whole day.  However the girls are diligently working.

Open House Update:
Still framing!  The last supply order comes Tuesday.  Cleaning starts Tuesday.  I fuss about this every year but it falls on deaf ears... why do we have to clean everything??  I mean top to bottom cleaning.  Who is looking up that high??  But I did my part and  I cleaned the studio lights, yes, I wiped the bulbs for a brighter light!    The porch is totally set up and paintings hung.  All the older originals are on the porch.  Linda did a Costco run.   All the new originals are now posted to the website, however no sales are allowed until Friday 11/16 at 2pm.  We try to keep it fair to everyone so no early sales.  We will look at  emails and take phone calls at 2pm but at that point its first come first one gets it.

I finished this beauty over the weekend...

And my final painting is this wonderful pig I have been wanting to paint. 

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