Wednesday, October 17, 2018

2018 Ireland #9

4"x6" original watercolor

I went with a still life from Kerry Bog Village.  

Day 8
I am going with dazzling today... 

Started our day with a tour of Kerry Bog Village   which shows life in the 19th century.  And we finished this tour with a little Irish coffee!  Evidently it is never too early for Irish coffee!

The Ring of Kerry is next.  Because of high winds the large tour busses were not able to be on the road, our bus is smaller so off we went and had very little traffic.  The dazzling views change often.  From seascapes to landscapes, views of the ocean, Skellig, rock walls, ruins, sheep.
Up and down mountains, one lane roads!  Dazzling!   We capped off our day with an unplanned night of dazzling Irish dancing and music.  The group included several retired Riverdance dancers.  

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