Wednesday, October 3, 2018

2018 Ireland #4

4"x6" original watercolor
Love the colors of the houses... this is from the fishing village of Howth.

Day 3
Our last day with our guide Derek.  Linda does not usually book more than one day with a guide in case we do not like them but for some reason she booked Derek for all three days and luckily it was perfect.  We are leaving this area and heading to Dublin but stopping first at Skerries Mill.  They ground wheat here and made bread. Interesting tour.  It was so odd to see windmills.  I am looking like I fit in with my new Irish cap.  

Next is the fishing village of Howth.  We originally planned on this being home base but so glad we picked Skerries instead.  We walked around and had lunch.

The group and our guide Derek.

We also went to Howth Summit for the coastal views.  Now its the next phase of our trip, Dublin.  We checked into our home for three days, The Ariel House.
This place had excellent service, the staff was extra helpful and kind and the breakfasts were great.  Away from the downtown noise and a nice neighborhood.  We have another couple joining us tonight to round out our group to 9!

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