Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Birds Nest

4x6" Miniature Original Watercolor

$125. (unframed) Available to the 1st person to email.
If unclaimed by 4/27 at 7pm the price goes to $225!

I discovered this birds nest yesterday, while trying to take down the tarp around my side porch.  They built it between the post and the tarp.  I don't see how they even managed to stuff it in there.  I had to take a photo, five pretty little eggs in the nest and I did not have the heart to destroy it.   So being a good landlord I carefully scooped it up and moved it to under the porch where we keep a folded old licence plate just for nests.  The parents carried on and it took several hours for them to find it.  But by evening momma bird was sitting!  I decided to paint the nest before moving it.  It is a little hard to see.

An update on my larger painting:

Art on the Square
Sunday, April 29

Historic Merchants Williamsburg, VA
10am to 5pm
My space is #142
between N. Henry and Nassau Streets

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