Monday, February 5, 2018

Commission update

I have been working on my commission...
To refresh where I left off go to 1/18 for the drawing, 1/22 for the starting washes, and 1/24.

I started the reflections in the mirror and finished the drawer pulls.  Softened the top of the cabinet.

I am now starting the under washes to build the gold on the mirror.  I do not use gold paint, I mix my colors. One candle done.

More work on the mirror.  Slowly building...


And it's gold!  Also more work on the glass reflection. Starting the chair rail.

Family Update:
Linda had a 7 week surgeon appointment today to check the femur bone and all is well!  We are both relieved.  She is to continue doing what she is doing and he will  see her in 6 more weeks for a final check up.  She is in the middle of the healing process and he was pleased.  While there, we scheduled the pre-op and surgery appointment for her first knee.  That will be in May, just about the time her hip is feeling really good.

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