Thursday, December 14, 2017

2017 Holiday #4

2017 Holiday #4  ~  5"x 5" Miniature Original Watercolor

Broad street Lititz after our little snow storm.

Since I started late with posting Holiday I am going to post through the weekend, so make sure you check daily!  Don't miss any.

Family Update: Today was Linda's surgery day.  She has a new hip!!
Doing well; walked a few times (out of bed 4hrs after surgery!)  ate (food pretty good), took a nap.  Everyone at the Surgery Center in Limerick Pa is wonderful. They are super attentive, she has a big private room (only 12 beds) I can stay with her.  Dr. Deirmengian is fantastic.  He said the next 4 days will get worse (in time to be sent home!). After that it's to be better each day.  Thank you all for your prayers and kind notes.  You are all the best clients and friends a person can have...

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