Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Only 9 Days Till Open House...

I am seeing a bit of panic in Linda's eyes... we are down to 9 days till Open House.    Her  "to do" list looks to me like its on track.  I got the porch tarp hung.

I picked up 57 more frames today so there is still some framing going on.  Linda picked up the wine on Saturday.  I hear there is definitely a Fall Sangria being served.  Menu is complete and I saw a grocery list.  There is a lot happening here.   Meanwhile I am still painting and my cutoff is Sunday night.   Here is another glimpse of what will be waiting for you.

I have one more show for the season. It is local so that makes it easy.   Booth #100

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Unknown said...

Good luck and have fun at your Annual Show...is it #35?

Shawna from Yellowknife