Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Check in...

I got home from showing at Penn State last evening.  Unpacked the van and Linda did laundry. Tuesday was devoted to errands.  My father-in-law needed his recliner remote repaired and I had to go out to Keller Bro. Ford to clarify his warranty.  He received a class action suit on his transmission which is already giving him trouble.  They were not overly helpful which surprised me.  Then off to Roots market and pick up some printing Linda had done.  There was no time to even pick up a brush today.

I can show you this... I finished it last week.
14x18"  Apothecary

Personal news...
After an agonizing decision, last week I handed in my resignation from coaching Junior High Track at Warwick.  Hardest decision I have ever made.  I will truly  miss the kids.  21 years of coaching and I loved every season.  Linda promises to find things for me to do next year when the season starts and I'm sure she will keep me busy.

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