Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 Islands #8

4"x 6"  Original Watercolor - A Painting A Day
Islands #8
I got up early to watch us come into the port of St. Johns.
Left over clouds from an earlier storm and interesting
color in the clouds from the sun coming up.  Impressions
of the houses along the shore.  I did this one to please

I have several paintings from various subjects in various
stages of drawing and paint that Linda requested I "finish".
So that is my goal for this week!  I also have two large
paintings I need to finish.  Plus teaching classes on Tuesday
and Wednesday.  We only have two more weekends free and
then my show season starts.  Check my website to see
if I am showing near you!  Linda is waiting to see if I am
accepted before filling in a few weeks so keep checking.

How I apply to shows:    I thought you might be interested in how this all happens.
First, Linda pretty much picks where we go.  There are a few that we return to every year.  But we always add new one in new areas. 
Most applications now are online, in the old days I received hundreds in the mail.   Linda starts with a tablet with every weekend across the top, and then under the dates she lists all the possibilities.  I think maybe she has a 15 hour driving limit but I question that! She picks a few because that is an area she wants to explore!  I know we are doing a new one in Saratoga Springs, NY and she just applied to one in Nashville, TN.  I mostly apply to juried shows, meaning you pay a $20-$30 jury fee and a committee looks at your images and decides if you fit into their show.  It is not a given that I get in!  Almost all of my shows now look at jpgs on line and have strict rules on sizes and presentation.  In the old days it was slides sent in the mail! Every application is different and asks different questions.  Most want an artist statement, sizes and cost for each entry.  All want a booth photo.  And there was one that wanted a photo of me working in my studio.  Linda also needs to read each application carefully. There are many rules on ratio of prints to originals, some do not allow prints.
I will continue this bit of information tomorrow...I want to cut a few mats tonight!

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