Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sunny Side

Update:  My print Sunny Side has about 10 prints
left in the edition of 425.
For the viewer who looks beyond a pleasant painting, Andy Smiths, "Sunny Side" offers a deeper sense of thought. The way the holly tree serves several functions, to spark some memories, to cast shadows playfully across the house, and even to help hide the need for a fresh coat of paint. And can you resist the temptation of peeking into the window?
This gem is from the Ephrata Cloister school house.  Ephrata, PA

$45.00 for a print
$85.00 for a framed 14x18 print
Send an email if you want to order one.  ($8 shipping)

I am ready to load the van tomorrow for my weekend
show in Waterford, VA.  I know, its all I have talked
about for weeks!  And wouldn't you know... I have to
worry about a hurricane!

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Margaret Thomas said...

Hope Waterford turns out to be a spectacular weekend for you. Be sure to post a picture of you and Linda in your colonial duds!