Monday, October 24, 2016


24 days till my 33rd Annual Open House!   
Now I am not going to say anyone here is in a panic but,  the stress level is a little higher than usual!  I sold several paintings that I was expecting to have for open house, its one of those good thing/bad thing things!  Great to have the sales but it put a dent in the new paintings I will have.  Now that my commissions are finished and this is my last week of classes so that takes a bit off my plate. I am keeping my nose to my drawing board. So there will be plenty of new originals for you to choose from.  

Meanwhile Linda is on track (of course!!) She has this two page list that she checks off each day.  I see a lot of mat cutting and framing going on.  Supplies are coming in daily.  The studio was rearranged and I can't find anything!  I think I did tell you we decided not to do a print this year. We are running out of room in the studio and wanted to sell out a few of the other editions before adding more.  Sorry to disappoint anyone waiting for a new print.  My business manager made that decision so we can blame her!
The menu is mostly planned I am told.  Invitations were delivered today and they go to our shipper on Wednesday.  So there is a lot going on here.

Meanwhile, here is a painting that will be at open house.  It is being framed this week...

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