Monday, October 31, 2016

Guest Writer #7

I am working hard on paintings for Open House.  You should have your invitation by now.  If you have any questions or want to place an order please send an email.  

This is my last guest writer for a little while.  I hope you enjoyed reading some of my clients thoughts.  

Guest Writer #7
I first discovered Andy’s watercolors by way of his ‘Painting a Day’ blog. As a whole Andy’s work was seemingly simple, but detailed in form, but there were other complexities to discover. Andy, as an artist, could make me desire an object in the composition, bring up memories of the past, allow me to enjoy the wonderful workmanship from a technical standpoint, as well as draw me into a watercolor’s story. 

Thus, I quickly realized Andy’s watercolors were more than individual marvelous pieces to be admired. I felt a special connection to his watercolors- I look at his watercolors and see and feel hope. Hope in past life, present and, in particular, future hope in life and all life’s permutations.There is life in all his works and I find them life-affirming. I may feel a familiarity with my own life or see a new way of viewing the world – expanding my experiences and horizons. I realize his watercolors show what the world has to offer, through Andy’s life translated to his art-giving a fantastic visage for a personal journey, soul searching and the feeling of yearning to go out and live and experience and participate in my own life. This translates for me to an intimate connection with an artist and his work.

Andy’s watercolors are eclectic in subject matter but realistic. Each asks you to share their life, if you will, whether just admiring what you immediately see, or on a deeper more interactive level, delving into what story lies within the piece.

Andy’s watercolors also say to me ‘discover my mystery and what that mystery says to you.’ I feel an overall sense of not just hope but excitement when viewing Andy’s watercolors, in whole or in a detail! Andy, as an accomplished watercolorist, has a unique view of watercolor and how he presents his paintings. His paintings have mysteries I feel I can unfold just by looking at a watercolor and then looking again in the future and see different mysteries and conclusions depending on when I am engaging myself. Sometimes it happens so naturally it simply comes upon me without effort-so I feel restful and at peace. His watercolors provide me a wonderful opportunity to search for and discover the mysteries in his art and my own life, new meanings and emotions that the watercolor says to me.

I love that Andy’s watercolors often are presented from an unanticipated viewpoint. I find Andy has a unique composition in many of his watercolors, such as a view of a piece of an object or composition from a vantage point I had not thought of. An example: when I see only a piece of an object, this may leave me to wonder what this adds to what Andy wants to say, what it says to me, again gleefully leaving me indulging in the contemplation and/or mystery of Andy’s watercolors!Perusing, inspecting, and/or positioning the painting in a new way physically and–behold - the painting speaks to me in a new way!

Andy’s watercolors say something to me in a gentle inviting way- although some are more ethereal, others bold and forthright. For me there is a transcendence,each piece exquisite in its own way without mistaking the aura of Andy’s personal approach and execution that is ubiquitous even as he grows as an artist.

Thank you Christine!

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