Thursday, September 22, 2016

Guest Writer #4

 I can be found in Leesburg Va over the weekend.
Leesburg (VA) Fine Art Show
September 24-25
Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 11-5
Free admission!
Space: K-2 on the corner of King and Loudoun St!

I asked Margaret to be my next guest writer, here are
her words:

It all started with those darn cows! 
     Years ago, we were at an art show where my husband (a fervent cow-lover) saw Andy’s print of the cows walking in a row and had to have it.  So while Ed was making his “cow” purchase, I browsed through Andy’s booth and loved what I saw.  So I started collecting Andy’s work with a few prints at first, then moved on to originals.  We have about 24 works now and I laughingly refer to my living room as the “Andy Smith Gallery.”
     Linda and Andy are quite a team. Linda is open and friendly and delighted to see us whenever we visit Andy’s booth or their home, always interested in our latest adventure and quick to offer an idea for an outing. Andy doesn’t shut himself off, isn’t reclusive.  At shows, he is usually out in front of his booth, working on a piece, more than willing to discuss what he is painting and share his work.    

     What attracts me to Andy’s work?  It’s hard to quantify.  Andy’s paintings “speak to me”  -- the beauty and the depth in the colors he uses, the spacial harmony, the simple objects he chooses to bring to life in his pieces. I love all things Shaker so I feel especially connected to his Shaker pieces. The light washes through Andy’s paintings just like the light streams through the windows of our old house in the morning. When I walk downstairs in the morning and see his bowl of lemons and the “pair of pears” in the kitchen or the Shaker paintings in the living room, and even those cows in Ed’s office, I see simple things beautifully painted. As the Shakers pointed out “‘tis a gift to be simple...” Andy has that gift. 

Thank you Margaret!

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