Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Guest writer...

I had an idea to invite some of my clients to write a few words
about what my paintings mean to them, what they see in
them, why they buy them.  Then publish their thoughts on
my blog, just as a different way of sharing.
There has been a recent conversation with a client about an
inner glow some of my work has and how the paintings change
as the light in her house changes.  I thought she would be a
perfect first guest.  A little scary since I am not editing what is

So my first guest writer is Rose Ellen... these are her words...
      The candles in my windows brighten the rooms in my home enough to see in the wee hours, but then I noticed my rooms were warmer, brighter, and I realized the light was from Andy's paintings, which, I surmise,  means he felt it, too.

     At first, trepidation took me from room to room, not sure of what I would see, but then the paintings felt home, and I felt home with the work, and its inner light began to shine through even more. 

     No matter the time of day, the paintings speak to me, and they are different at different times of day. However, in the gloaming and in the darkest hour before dawn is when they are at their best.

     The inner light of each painting's soul speaks and reaches out through the frame, through the glass, and touches deep within me, and I feel safe.

Thank you Rose Ellen!

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