Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Starting my next commission

Time to start my commission.  Here I am working on the
drawing.  I took lots of photos of my subject: a school in
Columbia, PA that is currently an artist gallery. My sketch
paper is the size the painting will be, this is where I work out
all the problems, get the feel for the building.  This phase will
take me two days then my client looks at it and makes any
changes.  So I will be glued to my drawing table!
I am going to try to get in a Painting A Day somewhere
in-between but not today!

We are back home after a fantastic family vacation to Iceland.
A week filled with lupines, volcano's, geysers, hot springs,
waterfalls, glaciers and wild landscape.  Lots of lambs, horses,
birds and puffins.

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