Thursday, April 7, 2016

2016 Italy Landscape #4

4"x 6"  Original Watercolor ~ A Painting A Day...   SOLD!

This is the same Italian village as yesterdays blue door.
I liked the view over the very old stone wall.  I still cannot
believe I leaned against this wall.   We had a great
guide who wanted to show us this village because he felt
it was an artists eye candy everywhere we looked.

I have often heard people say my paintings look like
photographs. I guess they do at a quick glance and
I do not find that offensive as some artist may.
What I really hope for is that they look as good close
up as well as at a distance.  This is a lot harder than
it sounds.  Some paintings fall apart when you get up 

close and personal with them.  I think a big difference
for me is that I take as much time hand-drawing as I
do painting.  A lot of artists use a computer or  trace
their drawing, it makes it faster and more accurate.
I believe  with my drawing I accomplish a more personal
feeling.  Its not perfect.   My paintings then become
somewhat impressionistic and the viewers
 "minds eye" finishes some details.    I do use my own
less than good photos as my guide.  To bring back the
memory of what I saw  but then I must interpret that
into a painting.

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