Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016 Still Life #3

5"x 5" miniature original watercolor  SOLD!
2016 Still Life #3
Available to the first email or call at only
$125 (unframed)
If unsold by 3/4 the price goes to $250

I discovered this hobnail vase in the church social hall the other
week in Cumberland MD.  I changed the view out the window.
I find subjects everywhere, I am always looking for light.

Art News: This week I have six snow make up classes so that is
keeping me busy. Another good reason for me to dislike snow.
I will be showing in Lincroft, NJ this Saturday.  For 30+ years I
exhibited at the CBA art show, and always did very well. It was
a huge fundraiser for the school.  To show how things are
changing: last year they dropped the art show and had a casino
night...  I have so many clients in the area that I am going to
try their craft show this year.  Just won't be the same.

Home News: 13 days till track starts!!  Woo hoo!!!
Got myself a new pair of track cover ups.  I am ready.
We are on pins and needles waiting for my niece to deliver
a baby...  waiting... waiting.

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