Monday, February 1, 2016

commission progress

I have been concentrating on my house commission.  After
getting a few easy revisions from the previous sketch I was
ready to draw it on my watercolor paper.  Personally I like
to hand draw with only a ruler and pencil.  I like the
connection it gives me to the painting.  This drawing was ok'd
without any changes!

I added a few more details and then started painting the
fence.  My clients came to watch me paint for about two
hours on Saturday.

 A little underpainting (thin layers of color) on the grass
 (inside the fence)  and the shutters.

Building the roof, started with a wash of burnt umber and
yellow ochre.  Then I added lines. Started on the stones.

More lines on the roof, more stonework.  Building the colors
slowly.  Added a few pieces of furniture.

Still working on the stones.  Since starting painting I have
three full 10 hour days of work up to this point.

Any questions so far??

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