Monday, January 18, 2016

New commission!!

I started working on my next commission.  Pretty excited with
it; a fabulous old stone home.  It starts with a meeting with
my client to talk about size, and the view they were
interested in. What they want in or out of the view.  Time
of year, focal point as they see it.  I always view my
commissions as a partnership with me and the client, so
their input is important to me.
Yesterday we went to view the home and I took  100+ photos
and had them developed.  Lots of close-up details.
Today I laid out paper the size the painting will be and spent
the day studying my photos and starting a drawing.  I like to
work out my problem areas in this drawing and it helps me
understand the house and its relationship to the land.  I do
not rush this study part.  Taking my time now saves
mistakes later.  I will show you this preliminary full scale
sketch as soon as I have it finished; Tuesday or Wednesday.
I have permission to share it as I go along!

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