Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Still Life #1

6"x 4" miniature original watercolor
2016 Still Life #1

The 1st painting in 2016.
Some greens in a really beautiful vase with a strong
reflection and soft shadows.

I just realized I have been painting  "Painting A Day"
since 2006... that's  10 years!  I can honestly say I
enjoy it.  Gives me pleasure to create something so
small with so much detail.  I also like that I can experiment
with a broad variety of subjects.

Classes start on Tuesday so I need to adjust to a
teaching schedule.  I am meeting a new client to plan
out a large commission that I am expecting will take
several weeks.  Pretty excited to start that project.
Linda is busy at her desk closing out the year and getting
tax things together. Also time to plan my show schedule
and fill out show applications.  Plus Linda is starting a project
of building closets in a bedroom that is closetless.
Insulating and adding new windows.  I am not looking forward
to the mess and she reminds me I asked her to get house
projects done before she plans more travel.  However
her and the kids are talking a family I need to

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