Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Open House update

This time of year gets crazy and if you follow my blog you know
Linda follows her printed schedule she designed so everything is
done the same every year on the correct dates!  She does not
get behind, even if it means pulling a few all-nighters to stay
on task!  My only job is to PAINT!  I still am teaching three
classes for the month and we are still showing but I am focused
on painting.  The rest is in Linda basket.  I know for a fact this
has been done.  In case your are thinking of hosting an open
house you can see what goes into it.
1) The new print has been decided on...

2) name picked... "Bellissimo"
meaning beautiful in Italian since this scene is from Italy.
size with frame is 11x22"  great fun shape.
The cost will be $45 print only or $85 framed.
3)  Linda went to the printer (Pemcor) this morning.
4) The sell sheet to go with the print has been designed
and is at the other printer (Miller Printing).
5) Invitations are being designed, Linda works with a local
printer (Miller Printing) to design them.
6) Mats are being cut and back boards for the shrinks are cut.
7) The older prints are being framed so there is a good selection.
8) Our mailing list has been housecleaned.  Over 6500 names!
9) Contact has been made with our mailing house
    (CRW Enterprises)
I am sure there is more Linda has been doing, I find it best to
stay clear and just feed her occasionally!
Save the Date:
32nd Annual Open House
Friday, November 20 thru November 22

If you are in the market for an original, plan to be here
when the doors open at 2pm Friday for the best selection!
No early sales or orders on originals but you can order a
new print!

In addition to all the open house work, there have been
and roofers here to give quotes for work that needs
done on the house.  Linda is in full gear since I said no more
traveling till the house is updated!  That made her move fast!
Gotta love it!!

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