Tuesday, February 3, 2015

commission getting closer to the finish...

To give you a time frame, yesterday I posted at 3PM.
I stayed at my desk till 10pm  (7 hours)  and today
from 10-1 (3 hrs) so 10 more hours..

I darkened the grass and added the dirt path.

The barns needed attention, I added shadows to the
fore-bay  which really gives the barn depth.
Washed over the bricks so they look older.

Here is the overview.

Now it is time to work on that old iron fence...
Underwashes to make the rust shine through.

On a personal note...
My glasses are less than a year old and I noticed they
were cracked.  These are $479 Oakleys...  So I went out
to Lenscrafters where I bought them.  Question:  did you
buy the 1 year warranty sir??   me: No, who expects $479
glasses to crack in under a year...    Actually the manager
was very nice, he found another pair and made the whole
thing right, free of charge.  I was more than impressed.
So...Lenscrafters I am spreading your good name and I will
return when I need my next pair!!

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Anonymous said...

I love following this Andy. The amount of detail that you put into this is awesome. I love flipping between pictures and seeing the development. Lots of patience on your end - that must be the secret to great paintings!!

Thank you so much for sharing!!!

- site visitor from King of Prussia